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We firmly believe that schools without music education are at risk of bringing up a generation of children without the emotional, spirited and cultural development that musical expression has proven to provide. We must make it possible for private, public and charter schools to bring music programs, particularly instrumental instruction, back into the school curriculum.

NAMA Music Angels Foundation is a 501 C3 Non-profit Charitable Organization that supports and develops music education programs that increase student achievement and provide musical opportunities to disadvantaged children.

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NAMA Music Angels Foundation believes that youth empowerment is made possible through activities that encourage and foster camaraderie, confidence, creativity and discipline.

NAMA Music Angels Foundation understands that Music and the arts are as essential to a well-rounded education as literacy, math, and science.

Music, both in and out of the classroom, promotes physical well-being and social understanding and helps build bridges within local and global communities. Many of our local school districts are in the process of eliminating music programs within the elementary and high schools. 

NAMA Music Angels Foundation has enlisted enthusiastic supporters in the arts, business, education, government, and the media to guarantee that every child will continue to receive meaningful music education and NAMA Music Angels will provide free or affordable musical instruments for local music education projects and activities.

Opinions about NamaMusicAngels

NAMA Music Angels Foundation will partner with music professionals, celebrities, and sponsors to underwrite and participate in these programs.

Grants and endowments will further fund our enterprise. In addition to music education / programming, NAMA Music Angels Foundation will also provide new-donated and “re-cycled” musical instruments.

Master Instrument Repair Tech

NAMA Music Angel Foundation has a Master Instrument Repair Tech on staff to make sure all donated musical instruments are properly cleaned repaired and inventoried.

NAMA Music Angel Foundation also has relationships with several local Musical Instrument repair companies that have agreed to assist NAMA Music Angel Foundation with refurbishing some of the musical instruments that have been donated.

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